Arthur Purves
Republican for Chairman
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
Pronunciation Guide: "Purves" rhymes with "service"

"It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains." - Patrick Henry
1Thomas Jefferson99
2Langley High75
3Oakton High70
4Woodson High69
4McLean High69
5Madison High60
6Robinson Secondary58
7Herndon High55
8Marshall High54
9West Springfield High50
9Chantilly High50
9South Lakes High50
9Westfield High50
10Lake Braddock 49
11Fairfax High44
12Centreville High43
12Stuart High43
13Annandale High42
14South County High40
15West Potomac High39
16Edison High38
17Falls Church High36
18Hayfield Secondary27
19Lee High20
19Mount Vernon High20
1Thomas Jefferson98
2McLean High75
3Langley High74
4Oakton High72
5Woodson High71
6Madison High67
7Chantilly High63
8Robinson Secondary62
9Marshall High61
10West Springfield High60
11Lake Braddock 58
12Westfield High57
12South Lakes High57
13South County High55
14West Potomac High54
15Herndon High51
15Fairfax High51
16Centreville High50
17Stuart High42
18Edison High39
19Hayfield Secondary34
19Annandale High34
20Falls Church High33
21Lee High26
22Mount Vernon High20
Updated on October 31
to show 2015 results.

According to ACT test results, in 2015 59% of the 4900 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) seniors tested were prepared for college. These tables rank high schools by the percent of seniors prepared for college, based on the 2013 and 2015 ACT results.

The percent prepared varies widely among the high schools. For uniformly high achievement in all schools, FCPS needs to raise minority achievement.

The 2013 results appear on the Purves for Chairman palm card because more recent results were not available when the palm card was printed.
In 1984 the Fairfax County School Board made closing the minority student achievement gap a priority. The only long-term measure of that gap is SAT test scores by ethnic group, which FCPS has reported since 1992. FCPS has made no significant progress in 30 years in increasing Hispanic and African-American achievement. The gap is also seen in the 2014 ACT college readiness percentages by ethnic group, below.

During this period FCPS has been inflexible in its curriculum.

The percentage of Hispanic students has increased from about 9% in 1995 to about 24% today. The percentage of African-American students has remained at about 10% over this period.