Arthur Purves for the Virginia State Senate - 32nd District

Election is Tuesday, November 5, 2019.
Pronunciation: Purves rhymes with service!

The 32nd senate district includes Reston plus precincts in Arlington, McLean, Falls Church, Herndon, Vienna, Chantilly, Fairfax, and Oakton.

Purves Family and Friends
Purves Family and Friends
In loving memory ~ Carol Purves ~ 1941-2019 ~ "I have finished my course, I have kept the faith"
Let's end low achievement and racial inequality in Virginia public schools
Virginia 2018 SAT Percentiles
Bring back:
  • Intensive Phonics - not "Whole Word"
  • Arithmetic Drill
  • History - not Social Studies
  • The Ten Commandments
Instead of:
  • Tax Hikes
  • Busing
  • Boundary Changes
  • Police
The racial inequality seen in the Virginia 2017-2018 SAT results, above, surfaces in 4th grade reading and math tests. This is because of the John Dewey (different from the Dewey Decimal System used in libraries) "progressive education" that took over public schools nearly a century ago.

Dewey replaced phonics with "whole word" reading instruction, condemned drill, and crowded out history with Social Studies.

Affluent children, mainly white and Asian, learn phonics and basic math at home. Many low-income children, mainly Hispanic and African-American, have barriers learning them at home, so they enter 4th grade not having mastered reading and arithmetic. Without those skills, their academic and economic future is ruined, and they are trapped in poverty.

"Progressive education" has convinced most people that low-income children cannot learn. That is false. They could learn if they were taught reading with phonics and taught arithmetic with drill.

Dewey also wanted the Bible removed from public schools, which the Supreme Court did in the 1960s. "Progressive education's" legacy is decades of discipline problems, low achievement, racial inequality, and costly schools.

"Progressive education" drives up spending and taxes for schools, Medicaid, and corrections, leaving inadequate funding for transportation. To cut taxes and free up money for transportation, we need to either get John Dewey or children out of public schools. One cannot overestimate the impact of schools on the economy ‐ for good or for bad.

If you live in the 32nd senate district, on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, please vote for Arthur Purves to have a voice in the Virginia senate for high achievement and better discipline for all students in Virginia public schools!

For 28 years my opponent has failed to "...ensure...an educational program of high quality..." as mandated by Article VIII, Section 1, of the Constitution of Virginia.

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